art + magic = design

Services & Projects


  • Product development
  • Prototype design and construction
  • Props and electrical/electronic special effects design and construction
  • Manufacturing planning and strategy
  • Mechanical design documentation, including document illustrations and diagrams, animation and photorealistic renderings
  • Technical document writing and creation, including manuals, brochures, and quick start guides
  • Electrical panel design
  • Plastic design: injection molding, roto-molding, vacuum forming, and machining
  • Metal design: sheet metal, castings, weldments, and machined parts
  • Controller and circuit design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
  • DMX and RDM control system design and integration, including low voltage, LED and wireless systems
  • Compliance support
  • Window display components
  • Props & Set pieces: design, sourcing and construction
  • Gilding: gold, silver, and base metal
  • Painting: restoration and original work
  • Website design


  • L'Occitane: display pieces for two NYC stores, including the flagship Flatiron store
  • Creative Conners: Pulpit Lift stage automation system, design and documentation
  • Restoration of wallpaper for residential building
  • Wireless DMX distribution systems (design team member, US Patent holder, 2003-2012)
  • Display pieces for Converse, World Basketball Festival media event, Studio 59, NYC
  • Painting for the Ace Hotel, NYC
  • Costume construction for Thierry Mugler, Beyonce's I Am... World Tour
  • Figaro Systems Simultext® Title Delivery system, photorealistic renderings and system documentation

  • Interesting Products Dry Fogger® Mammoth, LN2 fog machine mechanical design